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A postcard is more than an image, it is a memory

What do we do at Post By Me?

We sell stamps

for your postcards

Servicio postal turístico

Our Points of Sale are in the main tourist areas. There you can purchase our stamps for your postcards or letters.

We collect your postcard

in one of our more than 1.000 mailboxes

Servicio postal turístico

Our Points of Sale have installed a mailbox for you to deposit your postcard. Find your nearest mailbox here or by scanning the QR on our stamps.

We ship it

to any country in the world

Servicio postal turístico

We classify the correspondence and send it to its destination through the main global distributors (operators).

About us

POST BY ME S.L. is a Spanish company specialized in the provision of Tourist Postal Services included in the scope of the Universal Postal Service.

Founded in 2015 and after the liberalization of Postal Services in Spain (Law 43/2010 of December 30), POST BY ME S.L. is incorporated as an Authorized Postal Operator, establishing itself in the main tourist areas of the country, increasing year after year the number of users and points of sale that trust our service.

Our activity consists of providing the service of collection, admission, classification, transportation, distribution and delivery of Letters and Postcards, under the ordinary regime.


    Offer the best service, understanding quality as the only possible work philosophy. We increase the effectiveness of the work system thanks to the constant development of human and technical resources.


    Our success depends on having a motivated, trained and qualified team of professionals.

    We understand training as a continuous process that allows us to offer our clients the best solutions to optimize their business.


    We want our customers and employees to be more successful: we create Added Value for our customers by providing them with excellent service, and we engage our employees in developing their talents.

Our stamps: THE QR MAIL

Our stamps aim to comply with what is specified in BOE 318 Law 43/2010 of December 30: “7. “Means of franking”: those effects or signs that accredit the payment of Postal Services to postal operators that provide services included in the Universal Postal Service.”

Our Stamps Contain:

  • Book No. to which it belongs: if a shipment is returned to us or has an incomplete, illegible or unknown address, we can identify which Point of Sale provided it, returning it to that Point of Sale.

  • QR code directed to maps with the locations of all our mailboxes.

  • Possibility of customizing the QR Code with a direct link to the establishment’s website.

Servicio postal turístico

How can I send a postcard with
Post By Me?


Find one of our Points of Sale


Buy our stamp


Stick it on your letter or postcard


Deposit your shipment in a green Post By Me mailbox

Servicio postal turístico

Post By Me advantages on your trip:

  • Maximum simplicity and comfort

    You have a stamp and mailbox at the same point, without moving.

  • Extensive network of Points of Sale

    We put at your disposal more than 1.000 Points of Sale in Spain.

  • In the center of tourist life

    Our Points of Sale are souvenir shops, kiosks, supermarkets, hotels, etc. facilitating access to the postal service and making your vacation more comfortable.